8 Steps to Create Great Content for Your Blog

Creating Great Content

When you create a blog about any topic or niche, the first thing you’ll need is an abundance of content. You’ll need copy for each page of your blog such as the about page and other pages of the blog. You also need blog posts to keep content and newly updated information flowing through the blog, to keep your readers engaged and returning and also so that search engines will keep ranking you at the top.

The specific content you need for your legal pages – privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer policy – is a more specialised form of content and we highly recommend this source for your legal requirements.


1. Study Your Audience

It’s imperative that before you start creating content, you understand who your audience is. Know them down to their income, gender, desires, wants, needs, and more. This is how you’ll know what content to create, as well as how they like to consume it.


2. Understand Your Niche

In addition, you need to truly understand your niche so that you can write and educate your audience about it. You’ll need to create content that is engaging, informative, educational and that encourages your audience to interact with you and your blog.


3. Know What You Want to Promote

It helps to also know what you are trying to accomplish with each blog post. Do you want to promote a product or service? And is it your own or someone else’s? How does this product or service solve problems that your audience has? Can you educate them on the problem as you promote the solution?


4. Decide What Forms of Content You’ll Need

Your audience may need beginning information or they may be advanced in your niche; you know them best. Knowing this, you’ll be able to choose the forms of content – whether they are educational, or conversational and interactive, or focused in another way.


5. Choose Which Types of Content You Want to Use

You’ll need to use many types of content, such as text, video, images, and more to keep your audience’s interest. Not only that, you need to use the type of content that search engines like, such as video, long-form text posts and more.


6. Create an Editorial Calendar

Don’t go forward without a plan of action. Create an editorial calendar to help you keep your content development more organized. You can always add more content as news develops and issues occur, but at least have an outline of the type and forms of content you’ll use for promoting the products and services that you have.


7. Find Help

If you’re not sure how to go forward, you can contract with a content strategist, writers, and others to help you get things done. Having a plan and then implementing that plan will ensure your success with creating content for your blog.


8. Repeat

Once you set things up and create momentum, keep it going. Blogging is a long-term marketing strategy that you must keep doing to continue your success.

Creating content for your blog needs to be something you do on a regular and ongoing basis. Shoot for three to five times a week at first. Once you become popular, you can slow it down to once a week if you include authoritative long-form content. The thing is to keep your blog at the top of the search results as well as keep your audience engaged, informed, and interacting with you.


Content Marketing

For a very detailed discussion on content marketing please see our previous post on that topic.


Starting Your Blog The Right Way

Now that we have talked about writing content for your blog, you can see how important it is to design and create your blog in the right way. It is also important to have a self hosted WordPress blog as the best tool for your content marketing.

To help you design and create your blog the right way we have created a free cheat sheet and 3 video lesson training course. Please download your cheat sheet now and we hope we can help you with your further learning.

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