Important Factors When Choosing Your Domain Name

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name | A domain name is a very important part of your business online. It is the name by which people will know you and it is normally shown in the Google search results. People will presume certain things about your business online by the name that you choose.

Fortunately domain names are much cheaper than they used to be, but some Top Level Domains (TLDs) are dearer than others – eg .au (Australia) domain names are around 3 times the price of .com names.

Certain TLDs have specific eligibility rules as to which individuals or businesses can register their names so you may need to check the rules before choosing your domain name. For example with the .au domain name space, you normally require an ABN or ACN to register a name.


There are several factors to consider when choosing your domain name, including:

Get a .com extension if at all possible (rather than .net, .org, etc). The .com name is still the most recognizable and popular extension, so choose a .com name whenever possible.

The name should be descriptive. In other words, someone should get a sense of what your blog or website is about just by seeing the domain name.

Example: It’s clear that “” will be about dog training.

The name should be easy to remember and say. A name like “dogtraining4u” is cutesy, but it’s not a good name. That’s because someone who hears the name doesn’t know if the “4” is for, fore, four or 4. Likewise, the “u” (you) at the end can cause problems. An exception could be made if you purchased both and and pointed them both to the same website.

Tip: Point is, keep it simple – if you have to explain the name, it’s probably not a good name.

Use keywords. Go back to your keyword research. Did you see any keywords that would make a good domain name? If so, purchase a name with those keywords. But don’t choose a keyword-laden name in lieu of the other factors above. That’s because your domain name is just one small factor that helps determine your search engine rankings.

Use a reliable domain registrar. I suggest you use a well-known company like


Searching For Your Perfect Domain Name

Finding the perfect domain name for your business can take a lot of searching. We recommend you use the search tool Domain Name Checker as it has a search tool as well as a keyword suggestion tool. We used the keyword tool ourselves to find the domain name for this website.


Choosing The Best Registrar For Your Domain Name

In order to buy a domain name you have to purchase the domain name through a business known as a domain registrar. This just means they are registered and authorised to sell domain names and register your details into the central databases as the owner (registrant). Our personal recommendation through using them ourselves is

NameCheap’s control panel is very easy to use, they provide excellent support and my favourite part is they will provide support via email and their support is intelligent and quick. NameCheap is also able to register .au domains now and their control panel interface is way easier to use than any other Australian registrar that I have tried and had to use before NameCheap started offering .au domain names.


Choosing Your WebHost

We have a very detailed article on web hosting coming soon that covers all the details you need to know after registering your domain name.

In short, our recommendations are: when you are on a budget we recommend SiteGround. If you have a little more to spend and want the best possible solution then WPEngine is our preferred solution and we use them ourselves.



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