The Ultimate Glossary to Doing Business OnlineWe all know that when something is new that the hardest part is getting your head around the terminology and jargon. Not to mention all the three letter acronyms! Every blog post or product page you read will assume the reader knows some things and sometimes you just don’t.

That is why we have created a Free glossary of all the terms you will be coming across as you start to get your business online and start to market your products and services online.

For Jo and I when we started our relocation business, I took on a lot of the technology because I knew it, but there was still the need for Jo to learn what was what, especially when we needed to make decisions on whether to buy certain tools and tech. Plus she took on the role of creating our website look and feel and a lot of the content, so needed to get stuck into WordPress and all that goes with it. As time has gone on we have both learnt more and more.

So if you are just getting started online with your business then the Free Ultimate Glossary for Doing Business Online is for you. It explains all the things you need in plain English.

Whether you are investigating web hosting for the first time or delving into online advertising or blogging we have it covered.

You are now at the right place to have all your questions answered.  The Online Beginner’s Hub Free Ultimate Glossary for Doing Business Online is the best place for online business beginners to start and familiarize themselves with the online marketing lingo.

If you would like for us to explain something that is not listed in the glossary, then please use our contact form to get in touch.

We have made getting the Free Glossary simple – click here to gain access.

As a bonus you also get access to some additional free training and an ebook purely dealing with the world of web hosting.

We hope our Free ultimate glossary proves useful to you.