Tactics for Google SEO Success


Anyone in the business of getting traffic from Google knows that SEO ain’t what it used to be.

We hear a lot today about how much SEO has changed, and how it’s harder to get a site to rank in Google for decent keywords. Then if you do ever get a ranking, there are the penalties to worry about; Panda, Penguin… recently Pigeon (for goodness sake!)

For a lot of people, it came to seem like too much work for not enough return.

But for the most experienced SEOs, the last two years has seen something of a renaissance in free traffic generation. For those paying close attention, a few things changed that actually – for the first time in forever – made getting search engine rankings easier.

And they have results proving this to be true.

These people claim that the reason others struggle with SEO is because they insist on continuing to play by the old rules. They get frustrated because things that used to work, don’t work any longer.

And they’re right. But these SEOs say that’s no reason to sulk.

All of the internet works this way. Marketing online – in all it’s forms – changes so quickly that whether it’s free traffic, paid media, viral marketing or anything else, the rules are constantly changing. And we can cry over it or we can keep up to date, and keep ourselves winning.

So what are the new rules? And why do they make it easier?

For one, experts now believe that – finally, after years of Google’s stating that they want this – content is finally more important than links. A site with high quality content and a small number of links can now establish authority and get rankings in the search engines.

This means those months we used to spend backlinking may now no longer be necessary. Sites with huge numbers of links are finding themselves surpassed in Google by sites with better, more relevant content (according to Google’s definitions.

This is a huge boost to real businesses trying to get organic traffic.

For two, experts think a site that creates it’s content in the right way, to be valuable to the right people, can in fact rank each piece of content for a higher number of keywords.

This means that the days of filling a site with 20 articles on 20 different variations of your main keywords are over too.

This means more traffic with less content, when done properly; another change that would make rankings faster and easier.

So what’s the proof?

Recently one such experienced SEO named Andrew Hansen published this video demonstrating how one of his students saw a 1000% increase in traffic over a 100 day period, and did so without building any backlinks. This seems to point to a confirmation of both ideas discussed above, and provides an interesting insight into what’s really working in Google right now.

For those trying to navigate the world of SEO in 2014, this video is definitely worth a watch.



P.S. Andrew is having a free webinar shortly to explain all his latest tactics and techniques for SEO success. You can register for free to attend the webinar here.