Resale Rights or PLR Could Solve Your Information Product Creation Problems

Private Label Rights Explained | When you are starting out online you may decide you need a product to promote. You can of course become an affiliate for other people’s products and we will deal with that in other articles.

However it is always good to have a product of your own that you fully control.

If you don’t believe you have either the skill or the time to create your own product there are several alternatives.

You can outsource the creation of your product through a site such as Elance or Upwork. For a free ebook on outsourcing check this out.

Or there is another option which has 3 choices: resale rights, master resale rights or private label rights (PLR). These rights enable you to sell someone else’s product and keep all the profits.

Resale rights are simply permission from the owner of a product (an e-book, for example) to allow you to take and sell or distribute it for your own profit.

Master resale rights take it a step further and allow you to sell the resale rights to the product. This means you have two sources of income – selling purely the product itself and selling the resale rights.

This means you can purchase a ready made product, which usually comes with a sales letter and start selling it and making profits straight away. All the difficult tasks of product creation, graphic design and copywriting are taken care of for you.

The downside of resale rights or master resale rights is that you are not usually permitted to alter the product in any way and must keep the copyright of the original author. Hence you are promoting the author of the product. You are also subject to greater competition because your product is not unique and other people will be promoting the identical product. Of course many people purchase resale rights and just collect them, without taking action and starting to try and sell it. If you are an action taker then that is a definite advantage.

But if you wish to build your own brand and reputation and have greater flexibility regarding promotions, layout of the product etc then you need to explore Private Label Rights (PLR) options. These also enable you to make your product unique and hence not subject to the same competition problems.

PLR products let you put your own name on the product as the author, set your own prices, and edit or modify the product in any way you see fit. Essentially you can make the product your own and not have to tell anyone that you didn’t create it fully yourself.

Now all three types of content have high quality options available but there are also poor quality options out there. You need to make sure you are only selling a quality product.

The best sources that we have found for resale rights, master resale rights and PLR are shown below.


Master Resale Rights

MRR Banner #2

One site that has been around for a while selling PLR and other ‘rights’ content, is Master Resale Rights. It is well worth having a look at their extensive range of products.


Content Sparks

Content Sparks has a large range of PLR content for sale. It is incredibly well written and comprehensive.

They focus on the areas of business, professional development and sales and marketing.


Clicks Magazine

If you want to start a magazine as a lead generating tool, or as extra content for your existing clients, then we highly recommend Clicks Magazine.

It is a very professional business marketing magazine that you can customise and use as your own marketing tool. The price is amazingly cheap for what you get.

And there is even audio PLR available as well at Audio PLR Monthly


One surprising fact is that you can obtain products through these methods in a wide variety of niches and industries ranging from online marketing, dating and relationships, gardening, hobbies etc. You really can find a product to suit most niches.

This article is an excerpt from our free course on information product creation and marketing.

We hope this article has shown you that there are many different solutions to profiting from information products.