How to update your wordpress website in the background

How To Safely Work On Your WordPress Websites With Staging Sites

Up until now the only way I knew of to safely develop your WordPress site and make changes without effecting your live website was through the staging site facility provided by WpEngine Managed WordPress web hosting.

However there is now a solution for everyone using WordPress no matter which web host you are using: WP StageCoach

This fantastic new service has just launched and it is very affordable too. All our primary websites are with WPEngine Managed WordPress webhosting so I have no personal need for the service but fully realise the huge benefit that it will provide as we utilise staging websites all the time.


So What Is a Staging Website

A staging website is (initially) a copy of your live website that you can then work on without causing changes to take effect on your live website until you merge the changes back to your live site once you are happy with everything

This way you can test coding changes, see if a new plugin crashses your site and not show your changes to the public until they are all fully ready.

Never again does a plugin upgrade need to crash your site. Never again does new functionality have to go live until it is fully debugged and tested.

WP StageCoach lets you create your staging website with one click and copy the changes back to your live site with yet again just one click.

No doubt you have many queries and WP StageCoach has an excellent FAQ to answer all your queries better than I can.

I wanted to tell you about their new service straight away as I can see how you will benefit from it.

Demonstration of WP Stagecoach

So now if you setup your web hosting with our 2 recommended budget webhosts: A Small Orange or Bluehost you can add the services of WP StageCoach and have a fantastic service.

If you have any queries about how this service could help you, or any feedback, then please post your comment below.



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