Truth in advertising


Hi folks,

Today I want to talk about some recent experiences I have had as a potential customer, a prospect of marketers and affiliates.

I want to have integrity in my marketing and to also encourage you to have integrity in your advertising and marketing promotions. Lying in your advertising is simply not acceptable, and is probably illegal in most places around the world.

Recently I have received 2 separate emails from completely unrelated marketers, for totally unrelated products that both involved misleading and deceptive statements. To quote from the emails:

“… is giving away his product …”

Now to me and most ordinary folks that implies the product is free and does not involve the exchange of any money. You would probably be required to give your email address or some other piece of free information but absolutely no money.

To my amazement and disgust when I went to the website to get the product / report / video being given away I found I was required to pay for it! I had been completely lied to!

Maybe the marketer did this completely unintentionally and this was my conclusion after the first marketer, when I wrote to them, apologised unreservedly and offered to pay for the product on my behalf. He was genuine and sincere and I honestly don’t think he had intended any deceit.

However the second marketer had an email address that bounced back as user known and no other contact details. I can only conclude they don’t care about their customers or prospects at all.

Now that I have seen this twice I think this phrasing must be part of some teaching online presently, or the product owners are preparing this wording for their affiliates.

What they could say is:

… is practically giving away …
… is almost giving away …

But of course that doesn’t have the same impact does it? They obviously want to induce the maximum number of clicks possible.

What I urge you to consider when writing your advertising, your website copy etc is the true meaning of your words. Giving away means the product is free and you should only use that phrase when you are actually giving the product away for no cost.

What do you think of this advertising practice? I look forward to your comments.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to staying in touch with you.