Free Web Hosting - should you use it?Should You Go With Free Web Hosting?

I fully understand and appreciate that many beginners trying to setup a website are often cash strapped. Your lack of funds is probably one of the reasons that is spurring you on to start an online business.

Since the going is tough, you may be tempted to try your very best to skimp on costs in order to get started. However the best advice that any online business can adopt is to have enough capital before beginning. It really does often take some money to make more money.

Assuming that a simple shared account with Bluehost or Siteground Hosting will cost less than 10 dollars a month, or even as low as $3.95, you really should be able to pay this much. It’s very inexpensive and what kind of business can’t afford 10 bucks a month?

Imagine the thousands of dollars in overhead costs that a normal brick and mortar store needs to fork out. This is business and you must treat your online business as a business. This is not a homemade lemonade stand.

That being said, if you still insist on using free web hosting, this is what you can expect.


Firstly, advertisements will show up on your website

This is how the free webhosting provider makes their money. They do have costs too and they need to recoup those.

So, your website will have unsightly, unrelated ads that you can’t get rid of.


Secondly, you will be given a subdomain

In this kind of set-up, you will be provided with the sub-domain or a directory. For example, you will be given

If you paid for hosting, you would have your own dedicated domain. For example, if you’re selling sunglasses, your domain will be… If you chose a free web host, your domain would be

Immediately, a visitor to your site will notice this domain in their web browser and you will lose some credibility. They’ll wonder, “What kind of business can’t afford to get a proper domain? I think I better just go to Amazon. Coolshades doesn’t look too cool.”


Do you hate pop ups? Most people do

Free web hosts use pop ups as ads too. Some use more than one… so that’s even more exasperating for the visitor. If you’re trying to give your visitor a pleasant buying experience, rest assured that the free web host will go out of their way to annoy them.


Free web hosting also has pretty limited data storage. Why? Because it is free!

When you pay for hosting, you get much more data storage and bandwidth. Your site will load faster, there’ll be no ads, you will have unique features and add-ons that free web hosts will never have, etc.


Free web hosts usually do not provide customer service… because you’re not a customer.

You can Google and check which are the best free web hosts and choose one wisely. It’s not recommended but it’s your best alternative if you’re hard pressed for cash.

Do note that if one of the free hosting providers suddenly shuts down, your site is gone too. Overnight. This is a very real possibility. Many people built businesses and spent a ton of time creating Squidoo lenses and stuff.

Suddenly, Squidoo, changed its policies and the poor folk who had spent time and effort building the lenses, saw their business dry up overnight. Never put your faith and business in the hands of another party.

You would be much better off, curtailing your expenses and paying for an inexpensive web host with a simple shared account with Siteground – our preferred shared hosting solution that we use ourselves rather than a free web host.


You get what you pay for. If you pay nothing, you get nothing. That’s just the way it is.


If you are just starting out and setting up your website we have also written an article on choosing the best blogging platform and highly recommend you take a look at that article also.

It is important to present a professional image and quality website for your business which is why we don’t recommend free web hosting.

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