WordPress Training for Non-Geek BloggersDo you need a web site for your small business or blog?

You could get a professional website built for your organization that can cost your organization thousands of dollars on setup and other ongoing servicing expenses and also keep your business dependent on the services of tech-savvy suppliers such as web developers, site designers and web masters …

Or … you can use WordPress!

WordPress is currently used to power millions of business and personal websites and weblogs worldwide, as well as sites for many of the biggest organizations, universities and world-famous celebrities.

WordPress also enables you to easily set up and manage powerful, professional and visually stunning websites. In truth, you can easily use WordPress to build anything from home business web-sites, your own blogs, internet affiliate marketing and / or service review web pages, to online commerce sites, private access websites … even social media sites!

WordPress is not only the world’s preferred content management system (CMS) and web publishing program, but it is also 100% free!

The Not So Great News …

Although there is a ton of content on-line on the subject of working with WordPress, nearly all of it can be disjointed and comprises for the most part of tutorials and tips designed for computer savvy folks such as website developers. You could end up spending loads of time searching on the internet for answers, yet still find yourself frustrated and confused.

And then, of course, there are lots of things which YOU DON’T KNOW concerning WordPress! Things like easy methods to configure WordPress to attract site visitors cost-effectively to your business site or blog, plus time-saving tips, applications and techniques you might use (generally without cost) to bring you BIGGER, BETTER, and FASTER results, and a whole lot more!

There’s really been no complete step-by-step system that you can follow to teach yourself how to work with, maintain and expand an online presence quickly and effectively with WordPress, particularly if you are not really web-savvy … until now!

The Very Good News …

WordPress enables you to manage your business online, with no technical skills required … and for almost no cost!

Announcing …

WPTrainMe – WordPress Complete A-Z Tutorials Plugin

WPTrainMe - WordPress Screenshot Training Plugin


Plugin Description

WPTrainMe is a in-depth and easy-to-follow WordPress A-Z training system. The WPTrainMe plugin provides you with access to 100s of detailed step-by-step online tutorials addressing every aspect of working with WordPress from your very own WP admin.

WPTrainMe - WordPress Screenshot Tutorials Plugin

The plugin teaches you exactly how to install, set up, configure, customize, use, look after, expand and profit with WordPress without making you hop all over cyberspace searching for answers.

WPTrainMe comprises many hundreds of practical step-by-step tutorials with thousands of screenshots, downloadable check lists, templates, related instructional videos and a lot more.

Best of all … absolutely no techie skills are necessary.

WPTrainMe - WordPress Complete A-Z Training Plugin

Everything you need to master using WordPress is included within the WPTrainMe training. And you’re able to connect to every one of the tutorials instantly from your private WordPress dashboard any time you need any help with WordPress.

For more information, go here: WPTrainMe



Here are a few of the various benefits of choosing the WPTrainMe plugin to teach yourself WordPress:

Ideal WordPress Training For Non-Geeks

The WordPress tutorials have been especially written for non technical-minded end users, not website builders or tech “geeks.” The tutorials are laid out in logical order with navigation menus and search tools that make the plugin simple to use and find what you are looking for. All of the training content and info is kept simple and easy to grasp and presented by way of detailed step-by-step instructions.

Links to related tutorials are also provided at the end of each tutorial, as well as related “over the shoulder” videos if you need to review the information. What makes the tutorials even better is that no html coding expertise is required to implement what you learn in the training.

In-Context WordPress Help

The plugin provides context-related instructions, so if you need help with any area you’re doing work on, simply click on the help tab inside the dashboard and a number of lessons related to that section displays, providing immediate access to timely information on what to do next.

WPTrainMe Content Gets Updated As WordPress Changes

WordPress is continuously changing and evolving. With WPTrainMe, tutorials can be kept up-to-date to reflect any new WP software and feature changes. New lessons are regularly being uploaded to the plugin to help you fully understand all that can be done with WordPress. As soon as new WordPress lessons are updated in the WPTrainMe program, these are instantly made accessible to you inside your WordPress admin panel.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Save time: All you want to know in order to master using WordPress is readily available in a single location and can be accessed with just 1 click inside the WordPress dashboard.
  • Save money: WPTrainMe could help you save hundreds of dollars on WordPress training. Most WordPress users would find it very difficult to discover another WordPress teaching program that provides such great training content and real value for money.
  • Learn WordPress to suit your schedule: The tutorials are available 24/7 in your WP site’s administration panel, so you can work through the training in your own time and at your own stride.

WPTrainMe - WordPress Step-By-Step Training Plugin


WPTrainMe Features

The WPTrainMe tutorials help you learn all of the main WP features and address every facet of using WordPress.

Users have access to hundreds of step-by-step tutorials arranged into 10 training course modules:

  • Introduction To WordPress
  • WP Installation
  • Configuring WP Settings
  • How To Use WP
  • WP Plugins
  • How To Customize WP
  • WordPress Management
  • How To Optimize WP
  • How To Secure WP
  • Expanding Your Digital Presence With WP

Additional features include:

  • Works on every device: WPTrainMe is built using a fully-responsive platform, allowing you to gain access to the tutorials from your desktop computer, laptop, PC tablet or smart device.
  • Written by WP training experts for non-expert WP users: All tutorials are expertly created for non “tech savvy” persons, delivered in logical sequence and fully interlinked with other related information.
  • An in-depth WordPress instruction plugin: WPTrainMe tutorials include 500 screenshot tutorials with detailed information, accompanying videos, flowcharts, templates, checklists, supplemental downloadable information plus more!
  • Instant access: All you want to know in order to develop and manage your own organization’s online presence is easily available with a click of the mouse inside of the site’s WordPress control area.

WPTrainMe - WordPress Step-By-Step Training Plugin



Below are some of the testimonials and comments users have written about the WPTrainMe plugin tutorials:

“This is AMAZING! I had learnt about how to use WordPress previously, but this covers absolutely everything and more!! Incredible value! Thank you!” – Monique, Warrior Forum

“This is an awesome training series. I have a pretty good understanding of WordPress already, but this is helping me to move somewhere from intermediate to advanced user!” – Kim Lednum


Plugin Tips

If your company needs to teach your team members to use WordPress, then the WPTrainMe plugin is a valuable and time-saving coaching system. As an alternative to spending hours training your new employees how to use WP to do things that they’ll most likely forget about soon after you have just taught them what to do, you can just install WPTrainMe on your web site and then show them how to access the tutorials instead. This way, you will be empowering them to master everything they have to know in order to use WordPress efficiently anytime they need it.

WPTrainMe - WordPress A-Z Tutorials Plugin



Because the WPTrainMe plugin is simply an interface to an online membership site where all of the tutorials are actually located, the plugin is extremely light-weight and does not use many of your server resources. Additionally, the plugin is technically very well supported and includes a comprehensive online user guide with videos that show you how to install and use WPTrainMe, as well as FAQs and a user support help desk.


Product License Price

The WPTrainMe plugin is available for downloading in 4 editions:

  • FREE – This gives website owners access to dozens of detailed ‘step-by-step’ tutorials on using WordPress. Cost = Free.
  • BASIC – This gives website owners access to 70 detailed WordPress step-by-step tutorials on how to use WordPress and all of its features and functions. Price = $37 (one-time).
  • BUSINESS – The BUSINESS version lets you access 250 step-by-step tutorials aimed at teaching you how to use WordPress to grow your business presence online. Cost = $6.95 p/month.
  • PRO – This provides users with access to the complete WPTrainMe training library, which includes hundreds of step-by-step tutorials. Price = $9.95 p/month.

Please Note: The cost to purchase the WPTrainMe plugin can vary, depending on whether there are any promotions or limited-time specials being offered. When we last checked, the plugin is selling for the pricing shown above. This may or may not be the actual price charged by the software developer when you visit the plugin site.

Check the plugin’s website for the latest price here: WPTrainMe – WordPress Training Plugin


Additional Information

The WPTrainMe plugin allows the training content to be easily updateable when WordPress makes significant updates to features or functionality, as all of the information is stored externally and then accessed via the plugin’s interface.

WPTrainMe - WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Plugin

To learn how the WPTrainMe plugin works, check out the slideshow and product information pages on the WPTrainMe website.


Our Recommendation

The WPTrainMe WordPress plugin gives you a complete training system. The content is really well-organized and provides you with a comprehensive time-saving learning tool in one convenient location. You get one-click access to years of expertly-crafted training information in a simple and readily accessible format.

If you are planning to build, grow and manage a WordPress website or blog, then we recommend that you consider purchasing the PRO version of the WPTrainMe plugin, which gives you complete access to all tutorials and additional training content.

As an extra bonus, PRO users get a comprehensive 250 page step-by-step PDF guide showing you how to install WordPress on your domain, which is very handy, since you have to install WordPress on a domain before installing the WPTrainMe plugin on your web site.

WPTrainMe - WordPress Step-By-Step Tutorials Plugin

For full details, check out the plugin here: WPTrainMe – WordPress Step-By-Step Training Plugin


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